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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Studio Move--Part I of...many?

I rented a Uhaul for the first phase of the move to my new studio space in the Lake Street Mill in Nashua, NH, this past weekend. Tucker couldn't wait to climb into a seat--he was ready to go! I was so very blessed to have great friends--Kris and Heather--to help me move many large and heavy items! Love you guys! Here are a few photos of items in place--it will be another couple of weeks before the space is fully moved.

The first items I moved were these three industrial shoe racks. It turns out that the mill was originally used for manufacturing shoes, so they couldn't fit in more perfectly.

Next, I brought in drawers...lots of drawers. These hold everything from happy magazines to vintage ribbon and glass knobs.

Next, I'll bring in work surfaces and lots and lots of paper. I feel so very blessed to have this space. It's true validation of this new path in my life. I pray I will be worthy of it!

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  1. Congratulations on the new space!! It looks amazing!