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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Projects, projects, and more projects..

I've been busy with many, many projects because we have a Barn Loft show this weekend and a big announcement!  So, yes, I've been a busy, busy bee...  The photo above is of my first attempt at a pallet wine rack.  What do you think?  It was A LOT harder than I expected.  This one rack required dismantling four pallets!  But it's super cool and I just love the look...soooo worth the effort!

This is a close-up of a table-turned-kitchen-island.  I bought this industrial base with a barn door on top as a table top.  But the height is better fit for an island, so I cut a new top out of some old Grange table tops I had lying around.  Stripped the paint and now, WOW, it's a beauty!  I added the two metal trays that fit just perfectly between the braces and now you have a functional and super cool island...that holds wine!  Just wish I had a kitchen big enough...

I have a tendency to collect old paper cutters.  Yeah, anything paper-related catches my eye.  They are perfect for holding ribbon, kraft paper, newsprint, shop towels...all the necessities for an artist studio!  I picked up a set of two very long paper cutters a couple of weeks ago and decided they would be perfect shelves.  This one would work great over a sink, or on a desk, or island, or as a table centerpiece...

Kris calls this my "signature look" and I think she's right.  There is just something about the combination of paper and wood, paint and old pages, glass knobs and print that I just LOVE!  I've had this dresser in storage for a very long was a big project.  But, oh, I am so happy with the end product!  Vintage French book pages on the drawer fronts and surfaces and "parchment" paint on the rest of the piece.  Happy!

Finally, this was another labor of love.  This piece was a dumpster was painted dark brown...every nook and cranny.  I stripped the paint...and stripped it again...then once more...then sanding...sanding...more sanding...and finally some white paint and matte poly for the top.  It's a great piece for a kitchen, office, studio, any place you need a little extra work surface.  The metal wheels make it nicely portable and the shelf gives it storage-sense!

All of these pieces will be at the Barn Loft show this Saturday, so please stop by!  Only two shows left in our Nashua location...we'd love to see you!

Have a happy day!

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