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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sneak Peeks

Kris (Cricket Acres Studio) and I were interviewed for Chronicle this morning! They are taping a segment on bargain hunting and we were thrilled to be included. We started off the interview in Kris' garage, where our antiquing businesses began with bi-annual "upscale yard sales." We also taped over at the Spaulding Cooperage as Kris and I described our bargain finds and what we did to transform them. The episode should air in a few weeks--I'll pass on the details as I get them. Here are a few photos of the filming in Kris' garage:

That's Kris, sanding away! She plans to add casters to this trunk and transform it into a coffee table.

My next sneak peek is of my new studio space! It's still in the works, but I'm thrilled to move operations to a location outside of my house (it's no fun tripping over half-finished furniture projects on my way to the coffee maker!). The space is at an old mill in Nashua, NH. The other studios on my floor will be home to two artists, a photographer, a floral designer, and a yoga studio. Happy!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Improptu Buying Trip

My friend Kris (Cricket Acres Studio) just posted about our weekend buying trip to CT and NY. It was a comedy of errors, to be sure, but a lot of fun and we managed to sqeeze some great deals out of the trip in the end. Check out Kris' blog for the details. Look below for some pics of the carload we brought home:

That huge piece on the left is an old tool chest. Cubbies, drawers and hangers galore! I can't wait to transform it into a traveling "entertainment" center (think wine and cocktails rather than TV here).

I picked up lots of galvanized items, as well as a few metal garden accents with a lovely patina. That long wood piece with the circle cutouts holds individual tin cups with covers. They were originally filled with machinist parts, but I see buttons and beads in their future.

I fell in love with this little alarm clock. Kris picked up the metal urn.

The picture does not do justice to this giant tea tin. Beautiful hardware, paint in great condition, and a garden theme to seal the deal. This will look perfect cleaned up and over at "The Woods" with my can't-wait-for-summer collection.

We got hit with a number of "closed" signs, but persevered and found two flea markets, an estate sale, a private buying opportunity at an antiques annex, a fun new thrift store, several wonderful antiques shops, a yet-to-open store we can't wait to visit, and a few junk shops with great deals. All-in-all a memorable and Happy weekend! Thanks Kris!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Now at "The Woods"

In my last post I showed some items I had pulled together for a change-out at From Out of the Woods. Well, that change happened today and I love it! Here are some pics:


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Project Therapy

Isn't it amazing how a little creative inspiration can feed your soul and lift your spirits? My day started off on a very sad note, but I picked myself up and got to work on a few projects to transform my space over at From Out of The Woods. After a bit of inspiration from a friend (I was thinking "garden" while she saw "entertaining") I was off sawing and sanding, staining and waxing. Then, a trip to my storage unit (it's like Christmas when I walk in--I always forget at least half of what I've crammed into that space!). Here is the result:

The old pine cupboard came out of a barn. I don't know what the slanted top was for, but it makes great wine storage/display.

I made these wine bottle stoppers out of old knobs and finials. Drill a hole in the cork, screw in the finial and keep it all together with some EcoGlue Extreme.

I seem to have an affinity for old canning jars, particularly the blue ones. The color is just beautiful. Fill them with flowers or candles or just set them on a windowsill and enjoy the color as the sun shines through.

Here I combined an old picket fence, more canning jars and some nautical iron hooks for a display of candlelight that will make any warm evening even cozier.

The whole vignette still needs a lot of smalls and fluffing, but I'm liking the overall feel. French blue meets relaxing in the garden. Just what I wanted to be doing today--finally, a beautiful Spring day. Today was a needed blessing. Happy!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Busy, Busy

Seems everyone is busy going about the business of spring. I've seen Robins, Bluebirds and Scarlet Tanagers in the yard gathering bits and pieces for their nests. Free Stuff is starting to appear on the side of the road as neighbors begin their spring cleaning (hooray!). And I've been busy with wedding guestbook orders, Easter projects, and wholesale orders as local shops welcome the new season.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature has a different idea. I woke up this morning to another foot of snow! And, yes, it was a snow day for the kids! Ahhh. Spring in New England... Green grass and budding flowers wouldn't fill us with such joy if we didn't have to endure such a long winter, right? Here are a couple pictures of Spring tryng to pop up around my yard, despite the weather. Happy!

And a couple more of a local shop--a Happy Place--Springbrook Farm in Littleton, MA, where Spring has already sprung! Very Happy!!!

Sorry for the long delay in blogging! Orders are filled and I'm getting back on track! Thanks for sticking with me!