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Monday, June 18, 2012

What's new?

What's new?  I discovered a local consignment store this week on my way to pick up my kids from school and made some fantastic scores!  Here are a few pics of the items I promptly dropped off at From Out of the Woods:

Look at this fantastic old wood box!  It's the perfect size for a bar set-up, mudroom storage, turn it on it's side for a bench...

Did you catch a glimpse of the two long divided tool boxes?  Fill them with serving supplies for your next party, herbs on a windowsill, candles and river rocks as a table centerpiece...

One more view...look at the slatted sides, the weathered top, the hint of old blue paint worn away by time...

I love this 17-pane window.  Black on one side, white on the other.

And this set of three drawers...wish they weren't red, but I can always strip the paint if they don't sell right away.  

Close-up of the gorgeous hardware!

I also took home a long 12-pane window with a weathered frame and a bit of old white's sitting in my living room at the moment, trying to find a home on one of my walls! 

I don't have pics of the two amazing mercury glass mirrors I grabbed for Barn Loft and the set of antique pine cupboard doors going to Brookline Street, but I'm sure they will show up in studio and/or show pics in the next couple of weeks.

I haven't had a good shopping post in a while because, well, I've been too busy to shop!  How wrong is that?!  But here are a few pics of recent purchases, here and there, consignment, thrift, yard get the picture. 

Fun finds!  Keep watching my blog to find out what I do with them!

Have a happy day!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Mini Books

I had the great joy of spending a whole day in my studio this week just creating...working my way through my creative wish list.  Well, my favorite project of the day was this mini-book.  I turned it into a pendant, but it could be used as a key chain, bookmark, gift tag...   Creative days renew the spirit, and my spirit needed renewal!  I am planning to post a series of creative projects with tutorials in the coming months, so clear your schedules and make time for some creative therapy!

These little books are 1X1.5 inches and will be added to my etsy site very, very soon!

Have a happy weekend,


Thursday, June 7, 2012

All Saints, Seattle

And Seattle shopping continues...with my new favorite clothing store, All Saints.  A British company, All Saints has but a handful of shops in the US.  I just happened upon one of their flagship stores in Seattle and, well, it was love at first site!  If I was a fashion designer, I'd lock myself in and never leave!  Sammy, this post is for you!

Now, what was it that drew me in...hmmm...oh yes, hundreds, HUNDREDS of antique sewing machines lining the windows! 

They had me at the sewing machines, but then, I went in, and wow!!!!  The clothes, the displays, the clothes, the shoes, wow!

This is my first view on entering the store...

Then I discovered this dress...rose-colored silk, gorgeous!

...and these boots, must have these boots...

...oh, but what about this dress????  Love this dress...

...and that scarf!  Okay, seriously, where is my wallet!!!

...and this shirt, really, that's all I need.  The two dresses, the boots, the scarf, and this shirt.  Okay, I'm good...

...but wait, look at these shoes!  Okay, the dresses, the boots, the scarf, the shirt, and these shoes.  That's it! 

 Wow, right?  I spent an hour in this store just drooling over the displays, then another hour drooling over the clothes!  Sorry, Anthro, but I have a new favorite!  And, guess what?  They have a flagship store in Boston!  Sammy, you and me!  And all your friends, and your dad, and my wallet, and.... 

And I should point out that I really don't like clothes all.  But I'm a changed woman!  Sign me up, take me out, clear the closet!!!!

Happy shopping,


Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The industrialized version of my favorite East Coast shop, Nesting on Main, Watson-Kennedy was the shopping highlight of my trip to Seattle!  The reason for my visit, I must confess, is that this shop once carried my flashcard greeting card line when I had a West Coast sales rep.  Well, I now know why...what a perfect match!  I hope to get my line back in this shop, as I can't think of a more perfect setting for my cards!  Take a look for yourself:

I love the mix of knobs on this piece!  And the green...oooh, the green...

I can't decide what I liked best about this shop, the mix of vintage vs. eclectic new products, the industrial display pieces, the overall feel, the staff...Truly, the staff at this shop were the most friendly, helpful, and engaged people I've ever encountered in a store!

Loved these zinc stencils...

...and look at this lamp!!!

...and this shelving, the definition of industrial-chic...

And then we have the wall-o-paper and natural elements...I want to move in!  Loving this bird cage and having great ideas for a variation on the papered-wall for Barn Loft...

Love this coffee table!

I want a wall like this!  DBG, this would be amazing with your black and white photos!

I promised to keep my photos few, so you'll just have to visit the shop to see more!  And check out their website, too, amazing!

Happy travels!