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Thursday, June 7, 2012

All Saints, Seattle

And Seattle shopping continues...with my new favorite clothing store, All Saints.  A British company, All Saints has but a handful of shops in the US.  I just happened upon one of their flagship stores in Seattle and, well, it was love at first site!  If I was a fashion designer, I'd lock myself in and never leave!  Sammy, this post is for you!

Now, what was it that drew me in...hmmm...oh yes, hundreds, HUNDREDS of antique sewing machines lining the windows! 

They had me at the sewing machines, but then, I went in, and wow!!!!  The clothes, the displays, the clothes, the shoes, wow!

This is my first view on entering the store...

Then I discovered this dress...rose-colored silk, gorgeous!

...and these boots, must have these boots...

...oh, but what about this dress????  Love this dress...

...and that scarf!  Okay, seriously, where is my wallet!!!

...and this shirt, really, that's all I need.  The two dresses, the boots, the scarf, and this shirt.  Okay, I'm good...

...but wait, look at these shoes!  Okay, the dresses, the boots, the scarf, the shirt, and these shoes.  That's it! 

 Wow, right?  I spent an hour in this store just drooling over the displays, then another hour drooling over the clothes!  Sorry, Anthro, but I have a new favorite!  And, guess what?  They have a flagship store in Boston!  Sammy, you and me!  And all your friends, and your dad, and my wallet, and.... 

And I should point out that I really don't like clothes all.  But I'm a changed woman!  Sign me up, take me out, clear the closet!!!!

Happy shopping,


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  1. Woohoo!!! What a shop! I want to come on the shopping trip too!!!