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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New at the Cooperage and From Out of the Woods

Yes, I know, I've been a bit absent from the blogging scene. I really do try to keep up, but so little all know the story line. Well, despite my crazy single-mom life, I did manage to bring some new items to my shops this week. Here is a short synopsis:

To From Out of the Woods, I brought wire, wire, and more wire...

I also dug this great doctor's bag out of storage. It would make a cool overnight bag or even craft storage with all it's fun compartments!

The next great find in my storage unit was this surveyor's tripod. I had planned to turn it into a light fixture, but so many great little time. Perhaps some other creative soul will take this treasure to the next level!

I also dug up a few treasures for the Spaulding Cooperage. I had a total of five vintage breakfast trays in storage. These two had great character and color. The others are being transformed with a coat of cream paint and, maybe, some old book pages.

This little cupboard came out of an old barn and was once a bright, royal blue. The 'light cream' milk paint I used to freshen it up looks beautiful. I can see this little cabinet in an office, craft room, laundry, entryway...pretty much anywhere you need a little bit of storage with character.

The same milk paint was applied to this old plant stand. I think it was put together from architectural remnants. I love the shape, detail, and height. I'm sure it will find its perfect home very soon.

Last, but not least, I found these great little burlap bags at a local florist supply house. I bought two groups of three and stenciled them with "1, 2, 3" in a creamy white. They will be the perfect start for a fun Easter table setting!

Oops, one more project. An Easter banner. I reproduced some 19th century Easter postcards, sewed them onto white burlap, and clipped them to a piece of twine using mini clothespins.

Have a happy day!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wedding guestbooks

I've been working on a number of custom wedding guestbooks lately (yes, that's why you haven't seen much else from me for a while).  I enjoy doing custom work...what fun to hear the responses of brides when I get their "visions" just right!  Here are photos of three I finished this week:

This one for Kara, who is getting married at Fenway Park (how cool is that!?).  Her colors are royal blue and champagne.

 This book is for Anne.  She was looking for neutrals, texture, and elegance.  The cover is covered in a natural, unbleached linen and the binding is finished with ivory linen bookcloth and ribbon.

Finally, this book was covered in a grey-blue printed Lokta paper with an ivory linen binding and ribbon.  Thanks, Elaine!

Finally, can't forget the packaging!  All tied up and ready to go!

Have a happy day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hampton the winter?

The weather here in New Hampshire has been amazing, to say the least!  The sun is shining, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, leaves are budding!  The kids and I actually took a trip to Hampton Beach this past weekend to drink in the warm rays of sunshine!  It was a perfect day filled with fun photos (that's my little girl, about to get her head drenched by an incoming wave!), playing in the sand, games of catch with someone special (you know who you are:-), kite flying (well attempting to fly, anyway), and a trip to the Beach Plum!  I ate my first lobster roll in three years and oooohhhhh, was it yummy!

That's my little Tucker trying like the dickens to get his super-cool-biplane-kite off the ground...maybe next time, little guy!

We took pictures of words and messages to each other written in the sand.  This one is from my daughter:-)  Love you, girl!

Have a happy day,

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring at the Spaulding Cooperage

Okay, I know, I've been a little delinquent in my posts as of late. I have an excuse....a very good excuse. I dropped my camera from the top of the bleachers onto a cement floor during one of my daughter's recent gymnastics meets. She was AWESOME, but my camera, well, not so much. Anyway, I just got a new one and LOVE IT!!! More about my camera later; for now, a belated post.

I finally managed to get myself over to the Spaulding Cooperage to add a little something to my space. I've been working on some Spring projects (the weather in New England has been unbelieveable! Am I back in Boulder?), and here is what I have to show for it:

This is my favorite Spring project:  chalkboard paint eggs!  I used the "New Milk Paint," (which you WILL be hearing more about) and custom mixed this beautiful Robin's Egg Blue color.  These are available for purchase at the Spaulding Cooperage for $5 each (includes egg and nest) and will soon be listed on my ETSY site.  They make great place cards, party favors, home decor.....

I used these silk Tulips last year in a number of decor projects and kept getting the questions:  "Are they for real?  Are they for sale?"  Well, I'm happy to announce that, this year, they are for sale.  I've grouped the beautiful tulips in sets of three stems wrapped in vintage sheet music for $12.  A small price to pay for gorgeous Tulips that will never die!

Next, I offerred these stems of twigs with nests attached for $3 apiece (a HUGE bargain).  I use them in arrangements in my home and just love the woodsy, natural look.

Don't you just love this sweet handmade birdcarge with 100%  rag cotton die-cut swallow?  I'm in the process of making light fixtures out of a few of these cages...they look great!  Can't wait to get them into the Coop and on ETSY!

Remember this beautiful green vintage day bed?  It was in my studio, but I needed something a little it is up for sale at the Cooperage.  I have cushions, they just aren't in the photo.  Love this little crib-turned sofa/bed...

 This sweet set of drawers is still at the Cooperage.  Why?  Good question!  The drawer fronts are covered in vintage dictionary pages with antique brass label holders.  Can't believe it's been overlooked!

 Another new product:  vintage Bingo card notebooks!  I've listed these on my ETSY site and have had a great response.  Check them out in person at the Coop.

These are the last two of my vintage finial wine corks.  Get them before they are gone...

Last, but not least, this set of vintage metal drawers painted in "French Grey."  I love the brass pulls/label holders. Sold half the set but still have these left.  Going....going...

I hope you are all enjoying the Spring weather as much as I am! 

Have a happy day!