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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The industrialized version of my favorite East Coast shop, Nesting on Main, Watson-Kennedy was the shopping highlight of my trip to Seattle!  The reason for my visit, I must confess, is that this shop once carried my flashcard greeting card line when I had a West Coast sales rep.  Well, I now know why...what a perfect match!  I hope to get my line back in this shop, as I can't think of a more perfect setting for my cards!  Take a look for yourself:

I love the mix of knobs on this piece!  And the green...oooh, the green...

I can't decide what I liked best about this shop, the mix of vintage vs. eclectic new products, the industrial display pieces, the overall feel, the staff...Truly, the staff at this shop were the most friendly, helpful, and engaged people I've ever encountered in a store!

Loved these zinc stencils...

...and look at this lamp!!!

...and this shelving, the definition of industrial-chic...

And then we have the wall-o-paper and natural elements...I want to move in!  Loving this bird cage and having great ideas for a variation on the papered-wall for Barn Loft...

Love this coffee table!

I want a wall like this!  DBG, this would be amazing with your black and white photos!

I promised to keep my photos few, so you'll just have to visit the shop to see more!  And check out their website, too, amazing!

Happy travels!


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