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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Project Therapy

Isn't it amazing how a little creative inspiration can feed your soul and lift your spirits? My day started off on a very sad note, but I picked myself up and got to work on a few projects to transform my space over at From Out of The Woods. After a bit of inspiration from a friend (I was thinking "garden" while she saw "entertaining") I was off sawing and sanding, staining and waxing. Then, a trip to my storage unit (it's like Christmas when I walk in--I always forget at least half of what I've crammed into that space!). Here is the result:

The old pine cupboard came out of a barn. I don't know what the slanted top was for, but it makes great wine storage/display.

I made these wine bottle stoppers out of old knobs and finials. Drill a hole in the cork, screw in the finial and keep it all together with some EcoGlue Extreme.

I seem to have an affinity for old canning jars, particularly the blue ones. The color is just beautiful. Fill them with flowers or candles or just set them on a windowsill and enjoy the color as the sun shines through.

Here I combined an old picket fence, more canning jars and some nautical iron hooks for a display of candlelight that will make any warm evening even cozier.

The whole vignette still needs a lot of smalls and fluffing, but I'm liking the overall feel. French blue meets relaxing in the garden. Just what I wanted to be doing today--finally, a beautiful Spring day. Today was a needed blessing. Happy!

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