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Monday, June 6, 2011

New items at Spaulding Coop and The Woods

I had a UHaul cargo van this past weekend and decided to make the most of it! Between loads to my new studio (see next post) I changed out my spaces at From Out of the Woods in Goffstown, NH, and the Spaulding Cooperage in Townsend, MA. First, From out of the Woods:

I LOVE this industrial green rack. I bought it from a friend who runs one of my favorite shops, Brookdale Farms in Hollis, NH. I wish I could keep it, but with a major downsize coming up, it was time to part ways. It makes a great display piece for my space and holds lots of fun goodies, from old drawers to industrial light fixtures.

I swapped my old green tool chest for a grey-white drop-leaf table. I topped it with a picket fence section, an old architectural arch (love the green!), a couple of metal bakers' racks and an old seed packet display box, loaded with vintage seed catalog pages.

Under the table, a big green tool box with metal trim and metal casters. I topped this with another old metal rack filled with unique vintage canning jars.

I also brought in this old paper cutter. I've never seen one like this--it has spaces for three rolls of paper in three different sizes.

Oooh. I love this sign. It means good things are coming to the Woods.....

Now for the Cooperage:

I brought this great piece over from The Woods. It makes a great wine cabinet! Kirs and I set up the corner as an entertaining center, with my large green tool chest as the "server." I absolutely love the look! It's nice to add some new shades of "pale" to our palette!

I just love this old set of library drawers painted celery green. Can't believe they haven't been snatched up yet!

Finally, this bookcase lined in burlap is staying as we transform the Cooperage space into a nautical "happy" space in the coming days. We are gearing up for another show at the Townsend Harbor Marketplace and are keeping the cottage/nautical neutrals at the Cooperage while going bold at the marketplace. Don't forget to stop by--Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!!

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  1. Love everything!!! Hope to see your "studio" soon. gina