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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bad day

Okay.  You know when you are going to have one.  You know from the very first moment you wake up.  It's going to be a bad day.  Well, today was one of those days...

First, the kids slept an hour later than usual.  Depending on them as my alarm clocks as I do...well, this was not a good start.  The Keurig was out of water.  No half-and-half.  Kids couldn't agree on breakfast.  Dog wanted to be walked the moment I moved.


Tucker was late for school.  I didn't even get to take a shower.  But the worst of the morning came as my dog lunged at the unleashed chihuahua at the mill....i dropped my IPad.  Yup.  Dropped it.  The magnetic cover popped off.  Had I had it in one of my handmade IPad covers, I would have had nothing to worry about.  But, I didn't.  Just the magnetic Apple IPad cover.  This is what happened...

Those of you who have an IPad know how heartbreaking this is.  No, they can't fix it at the Apple store.  Not at "Small Dog Electronics" either.  Best Buy wouldn't even look at the thing.  I was told that "someone" who was "unauthorized" to fix IPads may be able to help me, but that they couldn't give me a referral because, well, it's not "authorized."  Argh....Any of you out there know one of those "someone"s who might be able to help me?

So, I did what the Apple institution wanted, and reserved my "new" IPad to be picked up Friday, when I still won't have the money for it.  I'm an artist!!!  Extra money?  What's that?????

Well, tomorrow's a new day, right???



  1. Sorry about your bad day! It can only get better....right????

  2. new follower from Jeanne's class! I love your art!