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Monday, July 9, 2012

Flea Market Finds

I finally managed to drag myself to the flea market last weekend!  Got there late, but still did some damage!  You know it's a good day at the flea when you leave with stuff tied to the roof!  Let's take a closer look...

Not one, but TWO old factory carts!  Great sizes and shapes!  I love the weathered color of the smaller one, though I'm tempted to see how it looks with a coat of dark wax.

Look at the color on these old machine pulleys!  Can't you see them in an old textile mill with a long leather belt around them?  Not sure of my plan for these yet.  I may stack them up and use them as a lamp base.  But I also love the look of them as is, sitting on a bookshelf.  Hmmm...

Another block pulley to add to my collection...this is a BIG one!

My boyfriend, Doug, spotted this great scale.  The arm is missing, but all else is intact.  Look a the enamel dial!  I love the shape, as well.  I've never seen one like this before.  I'm guessing it is a kitchen scale, but...

Doug also spotted these great andirons.  A dealer friend of his said they probably date back to 1910.  They are now residing in Doug's fireplace stacked high with white birch logs. 

Last, but not least, I grabbed this pair of gooseneck lamps.  Check out the ornate details on the base.  New wiring and a quick polish and these will be gorgeous!

Thanks, Doug, for helping me drag all this stuff home.  You're the best!

Happy hunting everyone!


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  1. Awesome stuff!! Looks like you have a kindred spirit in Doug! He's a good 'spotter'.