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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Recent Finds

I haven't posted any flea market photos in a while because, well, I haven't had a really good haul.  Been getting there too late.  But it's sooooo nice to sleep in on Sunday mornings!  I have, however,  managed to amass a few fun items over the past weeks, so I thought I'd give you a little update.

Metal drawers...I can never pass them by.  Can you see these all cleaned up, rust scrubbed off, painted white?  The drawers all have adjustable compartments.  Great for a craft or sewing room!

I picked up this door a few weeks ago and just recently scrubbed off the dirt to reveal it's beautiful cream color.  I was shocked to find it in such good shape, actually, under all that muck.  My plan is to turn it into an entryway piece...a mirror...some hooks...a small shelf...maybe hung by barn door rollers?

This little cabinet is a great piece, as it is shallow and could fit pretty much anywhere you need extra storage.  I just finished priming it and will have it all painted up for the Townsend Harbor Market next week.  Grey?  White?  Black?  Hmmm...

Love this string holder!!!! 

Last, but not least, here are a couple of items that never quite made it to my studio:-)  I picked up both during the last 5 minutes of the Todd Farm flea market last weekend.  I'm loving this little typewriter.  I'll sell it eventually, but for now it's happy in my living room...

...along with this little adjustable table.  Looks like it was in a medical office.  The base is cast iron, nice details and low profile.  The top adjusts up and down and tilts, as well.  It's just perfect for the little corner next to my sofa!

Happy hunting!


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  1. Great stuff! The table is my favorite!!! That's a 'keeper'.