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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Junk Jackpot Part Two

Yes, indeed.  I had to rent a truck for this haul!  And a second storage unit...  But, hey, when junk calls, I have to answer!

So, I got a call from the gentleman who sold me my last truckload-o-junk.  He was finishing his storage unit clean-out and wondered if I would be interested in taking a look at what he had left.  Hmmm...let me think...yes please!  Here are a few pics of this truckload...

1) I grabbed this great cottage piece for my talented friend and kindred spirit, Kris, of Cricket Acres Studio.  Follow her blog to see how she transforms this piece.  I know it will be gorgeous!

2)  I loved this old work table.  No top, but hey, I can build one!  Great bones, nice and sturdy, and beautiful chippy cream paint.  What's not to love?

3)  This cupboard is a great size and in sturdy condition.  It needs a little patchwork in the back (good thing I save EVERYTHING) and a serious scrub, but it's a great, basic storage piece.  I can see this as a bookcase, pantry, bar....

4)  This little dresser is a beauty!  I love the chippy blue paint (though the pink underneath is making me think it may be a candidate for citri-strip).  It's missing one drawer pull, but I have a matching one in my hardware collection ( everything).  But the next image is what sold me...

Do you see the detail on these drawers?  This type of joinery is called a Knapp joint, or, more commonly, a scallop and dowel joint.  Knapp joints were used for only a short period of time, from 1860 to 1890.  This is a really solid form of joinery.  These drawers are just as square and true as the day they were made.  Craftsmanship.  This is what I love about old furniture.

5)  I didn't get a great pic of this piece.  It is HUGE!  I love the original hardware and moldings.  This piece was clearly an upper cabinet, but it's about 4.5 feet high, so it would make a great floor cupboard, as well.  I'm thinking of constructing a low base...  And the paint is a great grey-brown-beige color.  Perfect!

6)  A cupola!  I love it!  Can't wait to clean it up and bring it in to Mill City Antiques!

7)  LOVE this mantel!  Look at the blue and yellow paint!  It is solid, with simple farmhouse lines.  This piece would make a heat headboard, focal piece, or...well...mantel!

8)  I also love this dresser.  I am thinking of covering the drawers in vintage ledger pages.  Hardware?  Not sure yet...

9)  This old toolbox is a keeper.  It's going to get refinished and live in the new workshop.  I know my boyfriend will love it!

10)  LOTS of cool windows and doors...

11)  Don't you just love the WBCN bumper sticker?  Yeah, this piece needs some work, but I love the lines of Empire dressers.  Plus, the antique glass knobs are awesome!

12)  This old trunk is the perfect size for a coffee table.  Lots of storage, great condition, just needs a little lavender oil to remove the musty smell.

 13)  This is a TALL old cabinet.  It barely fit in the truck.  It needs a new back, but the other door is there and it is otherwise in solid condition.  I'm not inspired yet, though...not sure what the future holds for this piece...something beautiful, though, to be sure.


What great finds!  Thanks so much TM for thinking of me!  I promise to make every one of these pieces stunning!

Keep following to see how I transform these pieces...

And look out for a new business name and look...I am so excited!!!!

Happy hunting,


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  1. WOWZA! What a load! Jackpot for sure! Good for you, can't wait to see them finished!