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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Garden Wine Rack

This repurposed garden tool wine rack was the talk of the show last weekend at the Design and Decor Market hosted by Matthew Mead and From Out of the Woods Antiques.  I have to admit that it came together more by default than by design, but I'll take credit for the genius design!

We've all seen repurposed metal rakes used to hold wine glasses.  I had one and decided to attach it to a cupboard door left over from another project.  Then I thought...what to to with all that empty space?  Wouldn't it be fun to add a wine rack!?  I looked around at my garden tool collection and decided to employ a few oversized knobs for the job.

This project was simple, but a bit tedious.  Getting my hands on the right length and width carriage bolts proved somewhat difficult, but I ended up finding what I needed at Lowes.  I used carriage bolts to hold the garden knobs because they fit perfectly into the square opening and ensured the knobs would stay put.  I then used a lock washer and nut to secure the back of the knob to the bolt.  I drilled a hole through the wood door to just fit my bolts and secured each bolt with a lock washer and bolt on the front and a locking nut on the back.  

In the end, this is what I ended up using for supplies:

1 old cupboard door
1 metal rake head
1 pipe clamp for mounting rake
2 large and 2 small garden knobs
2 12-inch and 2 8-inch carriage bolts, 1/4-inch width (the actual length and width will vary depending on the size of the knobs and the thickness of the wood)
8 1/4-inch nuts
8 1/4-inch lock washers
4 1/4-inch locking nuts

I think I'll build another one for the Vintage Bazaar in September!

Have a happy day,



  1. Love it! You always come up with such great ideas! Hope the show was a huge success!

  2. I seen repurposed metal rakes used to hold wine glasses. I had one and decided to attach it to a cupboard door . Metal Wine Rack