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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Works in Progress

The week started off slow...more snow, really???  But I'm sooooo ready for spring and have been working hard at projects the past couple of days.  It's time to brighten up, add a splash of color, and, well, be happy!!!  And as you can see from the photo above, white paint was not spared.  I can't wait to get to the studio in the morning and distress and wax these pieces, along with a bookcase/console that also got the white treatment.

These glove drawers got a facelift too...

...and this workbench.  I reeeeaaaalllyyy wish I had a before picture of this one.  Wow, it was ugly!  One more coat of poly on the top and it will be ready to be a focal point of someone's kitchen, office, potting shed....

I recently picked up a huge lot of antique shoe lasts...110 to be exact!  I just love the patina of these!  They are mostly high-heel shoe lasts...and a few are even pointy-toed!  What to do with them?  My head is spinning!

And now for a little Spring color...These drawers were rescued from an old greenhouse.  I added the tags featuring images from vintage French seed packets.

...a few more tags, a fantastic galvanized tray, tulips...happy!

 Last, but not least, I found this HUGE antique paper cutter at one of my regular haunts.  I thought it would make a fantastic shelf.  Here it is on a repurposed bar, but I can see it holding herb plants over a kitchen sink, corralling supplies over a desk, or serving its intended purpose holding a 40" roll of kraft paper for wrapping or kids' projects!

Tomorrow will be a packing day!  Can't wait to show you my new space at the Manchester Mills!

Have a happy day,


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