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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Little Things

I did a little junking this past week (the flea market is finally open!) and have a few new stashes of "happy" stuff to share!  I found the box of metal letters this morning at White Home in Wilton, NH.  I can't seem to leave there with empty hands!  Since I love anything typography, I had to add these to my collection!

Speaking of typography, look at these great brass garment tags.

I got numbers 1 through 10 and plan to list them in sets on my etsy site.

There was a vendor at Todd Farm flea market this past weekend with nothing but watch and clock parts!  He even had five complete watchmaker's desks!  After I stopped drooling, I bought a handful of clock faces and 100 or so of these watch crystals.  I've seen them used for making pendants, but I'm just loving how they look all together in my vintage silver bowl.  I think I'll just enjoy them for a while...

Lots of large items to share, too, but I'll save them for another post.

Happy hunting!

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