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Monday, April 29, 2013


Hit my first yard sale of the season on Saturday!  The home was built in 1843 and it's owners are retired and moving to Europe (lucky...).  They are antique lovers and had great stories behind every item they sold!

The Singer sewing machine belonged to the grandmother of one of the owners.  It's been well cared for and still works!  It has the original leather drive belt and when I hooked it up and stepped on the treadle it purred into action!  

This old garden cart belonged to the owner's German uncle.  The old pet carrier still had "Fluffy"'s collar and license inside:-)  It's in beautiful condition...just needs a good cleaning.

This European market basket was purchased at an antique show in Germany.  I might have to keep it...

And this collection of hobnail glassware was set aside for the antique shop the couple hoped to open someday.  I love the pitcher!  A perfect set for serving lemonade!

Didn't get to the flea market this weekend, but there's always next Sunday...

Happy hunting!

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