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Friday, April 6, 2012

Finished Projects!

Decoupage:  the art of submerging scraps of paper into a gluey mixture and turning them into beautiful objects.  best done by submerging one's hands in the gluey mixture, as well.

Yes, I had fun with glue today!  It was great to get back into my studio after nearly a week away and get my hands dirty...well, sticky, actually...getting some projects finished.  Of course, I neglected to take before pics of these items...why can't I ever remember to do that?  But the final product is the best part, anyway.

First, a sweet little side table/night stand.  I painted it with a creamy white milk paint and distressed it.  I stripped the veneer from the drawer fronts and covered them in pages from a pre-1850 ledger.  That was a great find!  The addition of some antique glass knobs and a coat of wax and, voila, c'est magnifique, non?

After completing this project, I thought, what should I do with all these bits and pieces?  So, I dug around my studio and found this old cigar box, just begging to be beautified!

Can't you just see this filled with love letters?

Or vintage notions?

I can't decide if I'll take this over to the Spaulding Cooperage or list it on Etsy...hmmmmmm?  Oh, and here is a look at the ledger I used for these projects.  Beautiful, isn't it!

Have a happy day!


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