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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hollis Flea Market

I love flea markets. The Hollis, NH, flea seems to be my fave these days (mostly because it's close, but I always find at least one treasure). This morning's catch was small, but I did find a really fun old sewing table (iron base, "Domestic" brand, complete with drawers) and and old wood/galvanized milk crate. The photo above is of one of my favorite shopping trips this season, about three weeks ago.

Why was this "catch" so fun? Well, first of all, I have a tendency to collect four categories of items: old green paint, old white paint, old-and-beat-up-wood, and metal. This day, I collected an old yellow and blue chippy bed frame (cleaned up gorgeous and in the process of becoming a bench); an old lavender baby crib in the perfect size and height for displaying flowers or serving beverages on the patio; a blue-green set of awesome cubbies; an old green (predictable) window; an oak cabinet (which, yes, I painted green); and lots of other fun treasures. The combination of colors just screamed summer!

So, as a result, I completely transformed my space at the Spaulding Cooperage from soothing greens and whites to a burst of garden-inspired colors. Of course, time being short in supply these days, I haven't had a chance to take photos, but I promise to get my camera over there this week:-) I always find little treasures in Hollis, as well, such as the tin filled with vintage clothes pins and rusty keys--happy!!!!!

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