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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Project Day

So, my two best antiquing buddies went to the Brimfield Antiques Show today...without me! One big disadvantage to being newly without a husband is I have no backup childcare for emergencies such as these. Instead of moping all day, I decided to turn my day around and have a project day!

I worked on four projects today: (1) unpacking, again (WILL IT NEVER END?!?!), (2) creating a bench from an old bedframe, (3) refinishing an old sewing table into a desk, and (4) extracting the adorable cubbies from an old secretary desk that needed way-too-much work. As you can see from the photos, (featuring my adorable little four-year-old--his smile is the definition of happy!), I actually finished the bench and it's off to the Cooperage. As for the other three projects, the desk and cubbies should be done tomorrow, but unpacking????

Project days are definitely happy days! Especially when I have my two little helpers riding their bikes around me, hammering in nails with the tiniest-little-hammer-I-ever-saw that I brought home from the Hollis flea, sitting on the grass and drinking lemonade, and just being the joy-filled kids God created them to be. Nothing, absolutely nothing (I dare say it, not even Brimfield), brings more joy to my heart than the smiles on my kids' faces. I wonder if God feels that way, too...

Brimfield, I miss you!!! I hope to see you Saturday, but it looks like I'll be clearing out my attic instead as I finally have a closing date on the farmhouse!!!!!! Perhaps we'll be together again in September...

PS. I came across a NEW issue of COUNTRY HOME today. It's beautiful! Welcome back Country Home!!!

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  1. We missed you at Brimfield!!! But glad you had a productive day. Can't wait to see the final results of the sewing machine base and the cubbies. Love the bench!